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Biology 21 - Human Biology


Attention SPRING 2015 Bio 21 Students: In order to be in the course you MUST be registered in both lecture AND lab. Please watch this video regarding adding Bio 21 If you do not have a confirmed seat in both lecture and lab, you are not in the course. . When registering, check through every lab section for an open seat. If you have any questions regarding how lab is run or how the course works, please take a look at the previous Syllabus below. All adds will be handled the first day of classes. No adds will be processed via email. Adds will be processed based on space and based upon your year in school (Senior, Junior, Soph/Fresh) and whether or not you are taking the course for grade forgiveness. Grade forgiveness has last priority. Bio 21 is also offered in Summer as a 5 week course.

Course Documents

Below is the syllabus for Fall 2014. All registered students can find all class information on our Canvas course shell by logging into - Bio 21 is a B2 & B3. The lab is "drop in" Monday through Friday.