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Elementary Physics 1.3

Time: TTh 3:00pm-4:15pm
Location: SCI 164



This general education course will cover topics in Mechanics, Energy Forms, Gravity, the Atomic Nature of Matter, Properties of Materials, Heat, Electromagnetics, Waves, Radioactivity, Nuclear fission and fusion.  Emphasis will be placed on practical applications of physics principles to contemporary problems.

Your Course ID for MasteringPhysics is phys1sec3fall2012

Under course documents you will see a pdf called, Homework to do. Some of these questions will be covered in lecture, some are your assigned essay homework questions, some are similar to your online homework, and others contain important concepts that might not have been specifically discussed. I use these questions as an aid when I make my exams.

Let me know if you need help understanding any of these questions. It would be best if you asked in class so that everyone can benefit.

Online homework