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English 112B, Literature for Young Adults

Time: Wednesday, 4:30-7:15
Location: BBC 120


Welcome to English 112B! This upper-division literature course is designed to introduce adult readers to young adult literature—works that are written for adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18.

Through our study of young adult fantasy, realistic fiction, and historical fiction, we will discover the ways in which YA literature addresses issues such as death, race, love, friendship, prejudice, religion, and sexuality. Young adult literature has been erroneously classified as simple-minded or inferior to writing for an “adult” audience. However, people who disregard YA literature as inconsequential fail to recognize the profoundly important role it plays in the lives of adolescents. Even though the main characters in works of YA literature are adolescents, the authors of these books still structure their works with complex literary devices and themes, similar to those found in adult literature.

This class has been designed to meet the subject-matter requirement for those who plan to teach at the middle or high school level; however, this is a literature course, not a course in methodology.