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ASTR155 Formation and evolution of planetary systems

Time: 9:00-10:15 am Mon/Wed
Location: Science 242


This course will be an in-depth look at the physics of planet formation, with emphasis on terrestrial planets. You can still obtain credit for this class even if you have already taken Astro 155 in the past. While Astro 117a/b are pre-requisites for this course, if you are missing one or the other, come see me and we can see if you have sufficient background to take this class. We will review the basic properties of the solar system that led to the development of what is now called "the nebular theory" for the formation of the solar system. We will also study extrasolar planetary systems and learn about what these new data can tell us about the formation of our own solar system. Each student will prepare a review article on a specific topic relating to the course content, and give a presentation on their topic.