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Moody, Neli Marie

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Publications _After Altamira, Poems by Neli Moody_, Ishmael Reed Publishing Company, 2006. "Neli Moody’s ambitious first collection is an impressive debut, with a range of times and topics well orchestrated and integrated. Her sinuous poems bring us closer to the elements they encircle and embrace: grass, flint, clay, the bestial and beautiful, the mythic and real—mountains, skies, stars, and plains. Prodigious and gorgeously embodied, the world After Altamira creates is as inviting as it is challenging, as sobering as it is exciting. These poems leave one with a sense of renewed wonder at the boundlessness of the world. This is a work you will want to reread, for pleasure as much as for its confrontation with the origins and agony of our humanity." ---Paul Douglass, author of _Lady Caroline Lamb: A Biography_ "Through her rich language, her roiling, pulsing rhythms and vivid particulars, Neli Moody reveals the great heart of the beast that is human, her own heart, and the matrix of nature from which they spring. With one bold gesture she marks her lineage and takes her place in the ongoing creation. She marvels and broods. I hope to marvel and brood a long time with her." —Len Anderson, author of _Affection for the Unknowable_ "_After Altamira_ is a smart and richly allusive collection, that explores the link between the social roles of the artist and the shaman. The poems are carved out of a shimmering crystalline language and structured to metaphorically chart the growth of the poet’s mind." ---Alan Soldofsky, author of _Kenora Station and Staying Home_ I presented "Shades of the Earthly and Divine: Contour, Perspective and Invention in Dante’s Divine Comedy, Botticelli’s 'Birth of Venus,' and Eliot’s 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock'" at the T.S. Eliot, Dante and the European Tradition: An International Symposium in January, 2008" on Renaissance art and Modern Poetry My essay, "A Syntax of Stones: Pre-Text, Edifice, and the Sacred Space in Richard Berengarten’s 'Avebury'" was published by Salt Publications in the UK as part of its Companion text to Richard's work in 2011.