Problem-Solving Skills & Attributes

Students who are problem solvers exhibit the following attributes

  1. Are willing to spend time reading, gathering information and defining the problem [affective – level 2].
  2. Use a process, as well as a variety of tactics and heuristics to tackle problems [cognitive – level 4].
  3. Monitor their problem-solving process and reflect upon its effectiveness [cognitive – level 4].
  4. Emphasize accuracy rather than speed [affective – level 3].
  5. Write down ideas and create charts / figures, while solving a problem [cognitive – level 3].
  6. Are organized and systematic [affective – level 4].
  7. Are flexible (keep options open, can view a situation from different perspectives / points of view) [affective – level 4].
  8. Draw on the pertinent subject knowledge and objectively and critically assess the quality, accuracy, and pertinence of that knowledge / data [cognitive – level 3].
  9. Are willing to risk and cope with ambiguity, welcoming change and managing stress [affective – level 4].
  10. Use an approach that emphasizes fundamentals rather than trying to combine memorized sample solutions [cognitive – level 4].