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SOCI 116 Global Society (Fall 2009)

Time: TuTh 10:30-11:45am
Location: Sweeney Hall 347
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Global processes increasingly influence our lives, producing inequalities and challenges. Many of us living here in the United States take part routinely in shaping the directions of these social processes and outcomes. So this upper-division undergraduate course introduces to you ways to describe and analyze sociologically:

This course seeks to enhance your understanding of human behavior and social interaction in the global context of value systems, economic structures, political institutions, social groups, and natural environments.
This semester we will read, discuss, and analyze concepts and activities such as: (1) globalization and capitalism, (2) Third World development, (3) global power and inequalities, and (4) justice movements shaped by class, gender, racial-ethnic, and regional identities and affiliations.

Required Readings:

  1. Rothenberg, Paula. 2006. Beyond Borders: Thinking Critically About Global Issues. New York: Worth Publishers.
  2. Chua, Peter. 2007. Sociology of Our Global Lives. San Jose, CA: San Jose State University.
  3. Additional materials posted at online Blackboard site.