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NURS 147A Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Practicum, 2units

Time: Wednesdays. 8:00 am- 2:00PM
Location: off campus; seminar 1-2PM HB 401
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Supervised participation in nursing and health care of clients with psychiatric-mental health problems in variety of settings. Concepts include a systems approach to therapeutic communication and relationships, symptom management, teaching/learning, and collaboration with other health care workers. General Orientation, January 26, 2011, February 2, 2011 First Day, 8:00 -2:00PM meet in Industrial Studies 134A bring all immunization, CPR,& health insurance. A complete syllabus is available in the AS Print Shop, NURS 147A.01. You also need the NURS 147A All Sections packet; and Omaha System Module Book Store, Pick up Martin, K. (2005). The Omaha system: A key to practice, documentation, and information management (2nd ed.). Log into Desire2Learn for course resources.

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