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Social Work 283, Psychopharmacology for Social Workers

Time: Monday 6:00 PM to 8:45 PM
Location: CL 308


This advanced elective course will focus on the history, epidemiology, social ecology, and pharmacology of psychoactive substances, both licit and illicit. In addition to defining and reviewing biological and chemical aspects of various drugs, the course will examine historical trends, specific age-related and environmental issues (including specific cultural, ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation issues). The course will discuss life-cycle considerations, psychotherapeutic drugs and the pharmacological basis of medicines for psychiatric disorders, evidence-based prescribing practices, psychopharmacology and comorbid conditions, public health, and the role of social workers in serving clients with mental health conditions. Finally, the course will discuss current issues in social work related substance abuse research and policy, and conclude with international perspectives on psychopharmacology and social work.

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A Typical Regulatory Supersystem: Various articles that address the importance of amino acid synthesis as precursors to the breakdown of neurotransmitters.