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ENVS 187: Environmental Restoration

Time: Wed 3-5:45 and 7 weekend fieldtrips
Location: DMH 160


Read the tropical forest section of Chapter 11 and the agroforestry paper for today. The Cacao paper is hot off the presses and optional.

FT 10-26-13 Coastal Terrace Prairie

Meet at first site- Wilder Ranch (see link below) at 8:30 am. This may be a longer field trip due to two sites, bring food and water and a hat. Jim West's transect below may be helpful for your species accounts. Cheers, Rachel

reading for 10-23-13- restoration goals & myths

handout for dune restoration

Information for Arastradero preserve- Oak woodland FT: 12 October 2013

The resources below were provided by your classmates. You may print them and add them to your field notebook. Meet Saturday, 12 Oct 2103, at 0830 am near Palo Alto.

Information for Elkhorn Slough- Salt marsh restoration FT: 5 October 2013

Individual Research Paper

Field Journal Assignment

Readings for Field Trip Sept 21- Quail Hollow Quarry

FIELD TRIP Saturday 9/21/13 -Meet at 8:30 am promptly ON SITE at Quail Hollow Quarry (see map), -Wear long pants,closed toed shoes, SUNGLASSES & A HAT, - bring WATER!!!! The address for the quarry is: 405 Quail Hollow Rd, Felton, CA 95018-9424 (Graniterock: Quail Hollow Plant-Industrial Sand Operation) ======================================== Please PRINT maps for the Fieldtrip on Saturday and insert them in your field book.

Group restoration report and field trip assignment

Ecosystem summary assignment