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Graduate Research Methods & Design

Time: Fridays, 10:00 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
Location: WSQ 115


Rigorous analysis of methods used by social, physical and natural scientists in assessing a region's natural resources and quality of environment. Environmental application of such techniques as field methods, maps, social surveys and project evaluation. Critique of individual research proposals.

Readings 4/12/13

Remember to go through Feinsinger chap 5 from last week, and I added a quantitative analysis paper for the social sciences that complements it, I think. Tina's and Sutapa's papers and the quote paper are posted here as well, and I have added a qualitative analysis overview reading which is pretty dense, but you should skim it. Have fun!

Readings/assignments for 3/22/13

This week we will cover Jen's and Sandra's papers (here). I HAVE ADDED a chapter on mammals from Sutherland for us all to read over, in order to broaden the conversation about animal data collection a bit more. Both Jen and Sandra should allude to concepts from this chapter in the discussion of your papers. The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee training information is available at the link below. If you ever plan to work with animals, you should complete the online training module "working with the IACUC". Your revised DATA COLLECTION is due Friday, as well as a first rough draft of ANALYTIC methods. If any of you have a full draft of the COSS grant app ready, bring it and we can give you feedback. Finally, I uploaded the chapter on abiotic data collection in case any of you find it useful in your writeup. Phew!

Readings 3/15/13

Please remember to complete the student IRB training... and review the SJSU Institutional Research Board's Human Subject Research Guidelines.

Readings for 3/8/13

For this week, we will discuss 1)the quantitative social science chapter below, 2) Justin's research article, 3)Minako's research article. Please come prepared to participate :)! Everyone should read all three articles IN ADVANCE. The Study Design assignment is due to, but full revisions to the Study System are postponed until next week.

Readings for 2/22/13

Readings week 3

Colin will lead discussion today. Please read through page 198 (and read on if you are getting it, in order to get a head start on next week's readings!) Yes, do read carefully for this one. We are jumping in to lies and statistics.