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ENVS 154 Principles of Sustainable Agriculture

Time: Wednesdays, 1:30-6:15
Location: Environmental Studies Garden behind WSQ, and on-farm fieldtrips


Analysis of and practicum in environmentally sustainable methods of food production, emphasizing biological diversity, water conservation, air quality, social equity and economic justice. Special focus on primary research in natural and social sciences for sustainable agriculture. Field trips and labs. Prerequisite: ENVS 001 and GE B2 course, or instructor consent. Misc/Lab: Lecture 3 hours/lab 2 hours.

Lab 24 Market lab data

Field Trip May 7: Driscoll's strawberries

Meet at 151 Silliman Road Watsonville, CA at 2:30 p.m. Please DO prepare lab 23(4th one) in your notebook-- read the article by Reaganold et al (found here) and be prepared to ask questions about it and anything else you would like to know from the Driscoll's staff. I will collect the lab books, typed lab reports, and revised term papers at the end of the field trip.

Term paper assignment

final lab 7-19 writeup and poster assignment

first harvest and Urban farming Field Trip April 23: Lab 23(3)

We will be meeting on campus at 1:30 and weighing our lettuce and collards, and preparing salads. Then, we will all travel to Emma Prusch Farm Park, at the corner of King and Storey in San Jose, to visit Veggielution Community Farm AND Cornucopia community garden. Please prepare interview questions (Lab 23) for this field trip.

April 9 : Lab 23 (2), ALBA

April 9 we will visit ALBA Organics, 1700 Old Stage Road, Salinas, CA. It is 1 hour and 20 minutes away- CARPOOL and leave promptly. We will start at 2:45. MEET AT THE CLASSROOMS onsite- not the greenhouse. We will use the lab 23 framework (farmer interview), but the topic is labor in agriculture-- I have also uploaded readings on farmworkers in California that I would like you to read in addition to chapter 23

For April 2: Lab 24 - Market survey

Remember! Go to at least one market and fill out the data sheet for lab 24 on page 279 of your labbook-- DO include price. Get all other information to the degree that it is possible.

Field trip, Lab 22, March 5

Don't forget to prepare the ENERGY Lab 22, not 23, for this week's field trip! Prepare the Introduction, questions, materials and methods in your lab books. We will meet on site as close to 2:30 as possible(directions at link below). Food to share should be finger food, as the amenities are rustic.

Field Trip 2/12/2014 Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS), UCSC: Lab 23 and Chapter 20

We will meet on site at 2:30 at the Louise Cain Gatehouse on the CASFS Farm at UCSC. Please leave SJSU promptly at 1:30 or earlier; it will take time to park and walk in. DO PREPARE LAB 23 in Advance, following the instructions for your notebook for field trips. See link below for directions to the site.