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DsGD 100 Visual Communication & Process

Time: Tue/Thur 8:00am – 10:50am
Location: ART 216


Problems explore methods of visual organization used in graphic communication. The course also promotes the critical examination and development of ideas, two-dimensional spaces, and three-dimensional structures, including the relationship between some production methods and materials.

Course Syllabus

DsGD 100 Visual Communication & Process


DsGD 100 project series

Four projects have been conceived to help beginning students develop the compositional and problem-solving skills employed by designers. In the process of completing these projects, students will be challenged to determine goals and to make observations and decisions that result in concise, informative, and engaging visual statements.

DsGD 100 schedule

All dates are subject to change with notice given at a prior meeting.

Type Reader

Projects two, three, and four introduce type in combination with image. Choose type from the Helvetica or Helvetica Neue families only—no substitutions—unaltered in proportion or design (only 100% vertical and 100% horizontal scale with no skew, blur, or other effects), and only from the range of faces represented in this document and the type reader.

BFA Graphic design portfolio review

Student's who plan entry at the upper division level, Bachelor of Fine Art Degree, submit a portfolio for faculty review. The portfolio is an advising and admission procedure to assure that students are prepared for advanced classes.