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History 15A, Introduction to American History and Government

Time: TTh 9am-10:15am
Location: DMH 150


History/Political Science 15A/B is a two-semester, team-taught course. When taken in consecutive semesters and taught by the same instructors, the 15A/B sequence fulfills the University's American Institutions requirements for U.S. History, U.S. Constitution, and California State Government. Upon completion of the sequence, the student also will receive six units of General Education credit in Comparative Systems and Social Sciences. The entire sequence must be completed to fulfill the requirements; either semester alone will satisfy none of the graduation requirements (other than three units of elective credit). A student who already has taken Political Science 001 or Political Science 101 should not take the 15A/B sequence, for those two courses already satisfy part of the American Institutions requirements. Those courses may be paired with History 170 to satisfy the American Institutions requirements.


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