Drugs in the Modern American Culture [Psyc 190]


In this course, we will be focusing on drug related issues in the United States. We will cover topics that range from historical events, general drug policies, and the use of specific drugs. Our goal is to emphasize the development, refinement, and expression of your critical thinking skills. While the course content focuses on topics related to substance use and abuse, the purpose of this course remains as a capstone or cornerstone learning experience in the psychology major. Because of this overarching purpose, our course goals are consistent with all Psychology 190 courses, regardless of the topic we (and you) have chosen.

Specifically, our course objectives are as follows:

  1. to review and develop skills in understanding differing epistemologies or sources of knowledge and to critically evaluate their role in the science of human behavior
  2. to focus, refine, and provide evidence of your critical thinking skills in literature evaluation
  3. to demonstrate competence in oral presentation and communication
  4. to demonstrate competence in written communication by analyzing, synthesizing, and integrating existing psychology literature relevant to this topic
  5. to demonstrate an integration of knowledge and skills developed across the psychology major
  6. to provide evidence of skills in researching the psychology literature (including accessing electronic and print journal articles in libraries and beyond)
  7. to thoughtfully apply these skills to topics of interest