Seminar in Experimental Psychology [Psyc 220]


The goal of this course is to introduce you to the two faces of research, namely, the theory of research and the practice of research. Our theoretical discussions will focus on the relationships between the numerous manifestations of validity (i.e., external, construct, internal, and conclusion) and the methods by which we attempt to maintain their integrity in practice (i.e., sampling, measurement, design, analysis).

The remainder of the course will focus on the practical side of research which, for graduate students in psychology, means critically reviewing the literature and designing the best thesis research possible. To that end we will be learning to critically evaluated published research; sharpening your skills for the final project; a full research proposal of thesis quality.

At the end of the course, students should appreciate both the strengths and the limitations of psychological research techniques, and possess a solid foundation for beginning their own research. Students completing this course are expected to demonstrate the following learning outcomes at a masters-level of sophistication:

  • A mastery of the concepts, vocabulary, and designs in quantitative psychological research

  • An ability to critically evaluate research reported in scholarly journals

  • The ability to develop and propose reliable and valid empirically-based psychology research