General Seminar [Psyc 280]


A central tenet of this course is that the graduate student must know and "control" all aspects of their graduate education as much as possible. This course provides many useful exercises, tools, and techniques that encourage the graduate students to take more control of the process of obtaining a graduate degree. The course is designed around three learning modules; Succeeding in Graduate School, Developing Your Research Ideas, and Developing Your Communications Skills. Unlike your other graduate courses, the objective of this course is not to develop an expertise in these areas, but rather to introduce the important issues surrounding graduate student success, allow you to identify your weaknesses, and provide you with techniques for turning them into strengths.

By the end of the course, you should:

  • Have a working knowledge of standard productivity software, e.g., spreadsheets, presentations, etc

  • Be able to write generatively on regular basis

  • Be able to prepare and present an oral presentation using PowerPoint

  • Have developed a written thesis prospectus