Elementary Statistics [Stat 095]


The major purpose of this course is to provide you with a solid foundation in elementary statistics, by introducing you to the various types of statistics used in psychology and other social sciences. In this course, you will learn the “what, when, and how” of statistics. That is, you will learn what statistics are available, when to use specific statistics, and how to interpret results.

  1. Stat 95 requires students to write a minimum of 500 words in a manner appropriate to quantitative analysis. The writing requirement will be met via SPSS assignments and written projects.
  2. Stat 95 will incorporate issues of diversity in many ways (e.g., in lectures, films, assignments)
  3. In terms of Mathematical Concepts (Area B-4), Stat 95 will focus on:
    • Basic mathematical techniques for solving quantitative problems
    • Elementary numerical computation
    • The organization, classification, and representation of quantitative data in various forms, such as tables, graphs, rates, percentages, measures of central tendency and spread
    • Applications of mathematics to everyday life
    • Applications of mathematical concepts in statistical inference