Chiao, Sen

Chiao, Sen

Assoc Professor, Meteorology and Climate Sci




Preferred: 408/924-5204


  • Doctor of Philosophy, North Carolina St Univ At Rale, 2003
  • Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, North Carolina State University, North Carolina, United States, 2003


Dr. Sen Chiao received his PhD degree from the North Carolina State University in 2003. His primary research interest is in numerical modeling with emphasis on problems in synoptic/mesoscale dynamics including: terrain-induced storms, tropical precipitation systems, land-sea-breeze convection, as well as boundary layer processes in coastal regions. He is currently involved in several projects including: 1) Investigating drainage flows, rotors and low-level jets under quiescent condition during the Terrain-Induced Rotor Experiment in spring 2006 (T-REX); 2) numerical modeling and data analysis of the African Multidisciplinary Monsoon Analyses (AMMA) field experiment in 2006; 3) Landfalling hurricane intensity changes.