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Current conventions and forms of exposition, argument and persuasion. Writing for the general and specialized audience from the thesis statement approach. It is not uncommon that when we set out to improve our writing skills our aim is to write clear, effective, and credible prose. Our goal, most of the time, is to convey our ideas without those ideas becoming muddled or falling prey to manipulation by others. We tend to believe that the best prose for the job is that which leaves no room for misinterpretation and which takes the most direct route to get to the point. This course offers a different perspective on writing. It takes as its premise the idea that the practice of writing is always an act of persuasion and that often we mistake a writer’s persuasiveness for “clarity.” Following from this premise, the objective of COMM 100W is to give you the opportunity to practice persuasive writing techniques so that you can make informed decisions about all aspects of your writing from grammatical rules and citations to your choice of words and composition of a thesis statement. The assignments and exercises specific to COMM 100W are designed to show you how the stylistic conventions of your audience influence your choices and how your language and compositional choices influence your message. This course will help even confident writers tailor their writing style for different audiences and write to influence.


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