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Waltrip-Sequeira, Shannon

Lecturer AY-A,  Communication Studies

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Areas of Expertise: Communications, Education

Willing to be a media source Media Source   Willing to be a speaker Speaker   Willing to be a collaborative researcher Collaborative Researcher


  • Master of Arts. San Jose St Univ, 2002
  • Bachelor of Arts, Speech Communication
    CSU-San Jose, California, United States, 1997
  • Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts
    West Valley College, California, United States, 1994
  • Speech Certificate, Speech Communication
    West Valley College, California, United States, 1994

Expertise Summary

Writing Workshop, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Small Group Communication, Critical Decision Making in Small Groups and Teams, Communication and Ethics, Communication and Health, Communication and Education, How to Get Started on Your Master's Thesis, Preparing Your Resume and Other Professional Documents, Effective Listening, Conflict Resolution, Outlining, Reasoning, Rhetoric and Public Life, Assertive Communication, Communicating in Small Groups and Teams, Communication in Families, Friendships, and Committed Romantic Relationships, Interpersonal Communication: Communicating Through Music, American Psychological Association (APA).