Shim, Simon S.Y.

Shim, Simon S.Y.

Professor, Computer Engineering




Preferred: 408/924-7853


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science, Univ Of Minnesota Twin Cities, 1997


Simon Shim is a Professor in Computer Engineering department at San Jose State University . He received M.S. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Ph.D. from University of Minnesota both in Computer Science. His expertise includes web technologies, media & network security, Database, data mining and SAN. He is a co-director of the Internet Technology Laboratory which is supported by grants from Intel, Microsoft, Wytec, and Informix corporation. He has authored and co-authored more than 45 technical publications in IEEE Computer, IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Concurrency, ACM MONET, and Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications (Kluwer Academic Publishers). His work was recognized by IBM Rochester as a significant Research Contribution in the study of SAN with 4 colleagues. He has been served as the workshop chair of IEEE E-Commerce conference, co-chair of IEEE workshop on Mobile Commerce and Services, and co-chair of IEEE workshop on Data Engineering Issues in E-commerce. He served as the lead guest editor of the special issue on high-speed security for IEEE Computer, June 2004. He has served in many international conferences/workshops as a technical committee member.