Stan Malos

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Stan Malos, J.D., Ph.D. 
Professor, School of Management
College of Business
San José State University
One Washington Square 
San José, CA 95192-0070




Preferred: 408-924-1342 (Office)

Alternate: 408-924-3555 (Fax)

Office Hours

M, T, & W, 5-5:45 starting January 29

Office Location

BT 651



Spring 2019 Classes and Course Information:

Bus 159*

*Adding Bus 159--good news! If you are a graduating senior in HRM seeking to add Bus 159 for Spring Semester, show up on the first day of class with your schedule, transcript, and documentation of Graduating Senior status. You can also email me those materials in advance if that is easier. You will almost certainly get in if you need to take just one [but not both] prerequisites [Bus 157 or 158] concurrently with Bus 159 in order to graduate this semster and are not trying to take on an unreasonably heavy course load.  See you then!


Bus 250* [Sec. 2 starts Tuesday, January 29; Sec. 1 starts Thursday, January 31]

*Pre-course preparation, reading, and writing assignment: Please click on the link to our full course website [Bus 250], review Topic Outline 1 for context, then read and write up [word process] the Friendly Cab case [linked within Topic Outline 1] according to the FIRACT format* [see separate link on main course web page] to hand in at the end of class. [*A “FIRACT” is a double-spaced bullet point document of 1-2 pages max that will serve as a discussion aid for you. It is an informal document whose primary purpose is to help you analyze and break down the principal elements of a case, but I also collect them on occasion for extra credit and will definitely do so for this one.] Make sure to include your name. 

In preparation for class discussions on Day 1, you will also want to review the course syllabus [linked within the main course website] and get the textbook. You should then review the Guide to Reading Cases [just after the table of contents], read Chapter 1, pp. 2-18, and review [or at least skim] Chapter 15, pp. 800-804 and Chapter 16, pp. 836-847.

All of this will be discussed in detail on the first day of class, but feel free to email me with any questions in the interim after checking the website. I look forward to seeing you then.