BUS159: Capstone Senior Seminar in Strategic HRM


Final Grades--Spring, 2018



Schedule of Assignments

Day 1 Slide [Course overview & homework reminders--save or print for future reference]

Greensheet [Course Syllabus, Policy on Use of Electronic Devices in the Classroom, and Criteria for Adding if space available--read carefully and email instructor with any questions]

Self-Evaluation re: Active Class Participation 

Attendance Policy [You can't actively participate if you don't attend!]

Policy on Professionalism in Class 
[Read carefully; staying in the class signifies your compliance!]


Course Grading Weights:

Participation/Prep/Peer Evaluations/Cases       --- 20%

Papers & Cascio Homework Exercises              --- 30%  

Current Topics Research Papers/Presentations --- 40%

Final Integrative Course Paper*                        --- 20%


Total [yes, I can add--sometimes ... :-)]         -- 110%**

   **(you have 110 chances to get 100 points for full credit!)


*This is a double-spaced 5 page paper, the first 3 of which should briefly summarizewhat you learned from each and all the current topics presentations and the last 2 of which should integrate some overall insight or "gestalt" of presentations across all areas of HR [i.e., what you learned from all this; think strategic—don’t just review; review, think, think some more, & put it all together!! How do these different areas of HR related to one another? Be sure to follow the exact format indicated above.


Strategic HRM Materials

Current Topics Research Information

Miscellaneous Readings and Discussion Items