BUS251: Syllabus

Overview: In today's information- and service-oriented economy, it has become critical to effectively mobilize people-based resources to accomplish organizational goals. Put simply, without good people and good people management—driven by a strategic business approach—organizations fail, and managers fail with them. This course is designed to enhance your professional prospects by fostering skills and techniques which help deploy human capital in ways that optimize both organizational and career success. 

Text: Investing in People: Financial Impact of Human Resource Initiatives [Cascio & Boudreau, FT Press, 3rd. Ed. 2019]. 

Class Conduct: Classroom emphasis will focus on case analysis and presentation of peer-reviewed research in relevant areas of strategic HRM.

Class Participation: We will utilize a cooperative format similar to a doctoral seminar, sharing case discussions and cutting edge research results.

Grading: Course grades will be based on research presentations, participation in seminar discussions, and a final paper that develops a strategic human capital plan in the industry of your choice. There are no exams.

Content Outline:

-Overview of strategic human capital deployment and sustained competitive advantage

-Global and domestic case studies

-Highlights/review of U.S. employment law and its overseas application

-Job and work design—a multidisciplinary approach

-Improving validity & utility of staffing, performance management, training & development

-High performance/high involvement work systems: What they are and how to achieve them