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FS 169 Senior Seminar

Time: Weds 1500-1745
Location: SH 413


Identification, discussion and analysis of selected problems in forensic science. A major term paper, presentation on a selected topic and participation on written as well as in-class assignments and activities are required. The seminar will be divided into three parts: Part I. The instructor and students will lead discussions and debates on published literature and research and original research in progress (on the application of forensic DNA to specific research problems) to demonstrate the ways in which scholars identify, evaluate, analyze, review, utilize and where applicable, respond to primary and secondary sources. To facilitate seminar participants’ evaluation of sources, the first part of the class includes literature reviews, in-class writing assignments, and continuous discussions and debate. Part II. Participants will attend an individual meeting with the instructor to discuss their proposed research topics. Seminar members will also critically evaluate each other’s paper proposals. Part III. Seminar participants will present their papers and propose ways in which their research can help inform, shape, and/or change current policy on the topic that they have researched. Course Content Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: LO1 Critically analyze a contemporary problem in forensic science and propose policies and practices that could be implemented to help solve the problem. LO2 Provide oral and written presentations of the contemporary problem and its proposed solution in a manner that gives a clear introduction, rationale and purpose, addresses the issues/questions, uses an acceptable writing/speaking style, and uses APA editorial style. LO3 Demonstrate reasoning and argumentation that indicates an accurate and complete understanding of the issues, use of examples, data and references to support knowledge claims, and logical presentation of ideas, drawing valid conclusions. LO4 Think critically and solve problems using the scientific method. The course will also promote synthesis of knowledge gleaned from related learning units and current criminalistic practices. Some mathematical reasoning will be used to understand fundamental principles and their relationship to selected societal issues.

FS 169 Greensheet Spring 2014


TCI and DQ reading and Final Paper grading rubric

Readings Cho and Sankar, Shriver et al., Annas and Report Grading Rubric

Presentation Grading Criteria

Here are the grading criteria we will utilize for your preliminary and final presentations in class. You will not get any formal grade for your 5 minute presentation. However you do need to provide the outline and summary along with references. The grading criteria will help to guide you in improving your presentation.

JS 169 Bibliography Powerpoint 013012 and 020112

Powerpoint for 013012 and 020112


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Brief guideline to creating powerpoints

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