Publications & Presentations

Murray, Susan Bell

Publications & Presentations

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Conference Presentations

Murray, Susan. “Rearranging the ‘Master’s House’: Living and Learning through Feminist Pedagogy,”  Annual Meetings of the Pacific Sociological Association – San Deigo, CA: April 2009.

Murray, Susan and Baba, Yoko. “Home is Where Injustice Begins: A Pedagogy of Intimate Violence,” Annual Meetings of the Pacific Sociological Association – Hollywood, CA: April 2006.


Murray, Susan B. 2003    “A Spy, A Shill, A Go-Between, or a Sociologist: Unveiling the Observer in Participant Observer,” Qualitative Research,3(3), 379-397.

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Murray, Susan B. 2001    “’When a Scratch Becomes a Scary Story’” The Social Construction of Micro Panics in Center-Based Child Care,” TheSociological Review, 49(4):512-529.

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 Murray, Susan B. 1997     “‘It’s Safer this Way’: The Subtle and Not-So-Subtle Exclusion of Men in Child Care.”  Pp. 136-153 in Subtle Sexism: Current Practices and Prospects for Change, edited by N.V. Benokraitis and J.R. Feagin. New York: Sage.

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Murray, Susan B.  1988   “The Unhappy Marriage of Theory and Practice: An Analysis of a Battered Women's Shelter.” National Women’s Studies Association Journal1(1):75-92.