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Creative Arts 177: Interdisciplinary Arts for Teachers

Time: TTR 10:30-11:45


Creative Arts 177 is an integrative capstone course designed to help prospective teachers make connections between the various arts disciplines that comprise California's Visual and Performing Arts Standards and between these arts and other core subjects taught in California classrooms. This course assumes that students will have completed their own required arts courses and are already familiar with the basic principles of dance, drama, music and visual arts. Coursework involves reading, writing (both reflective and analytical), teaching, fieldtrips, art making and lesson planning. It will rely heavily on class discussion, group work and creative arts activities.

Student Learning Objectives: 1) Students will be able to identify the connections between the various arts disciplines and other core subjects taught in California classrooms; 2) Students will demonstrate understanding of both theoretical and practical rationales for incorporating the creative arts into K-8 curriculum; 3) Students will become familiar with the core concepts of the California Visual and Performing Arts Framework and Content Standards, as well as their application by teachers in K-8 classrooms; 4) Students will process and respond to sensory information through the language and skills unique to the visual and performing arts (Artistic Perception); 5) Students will apply the artistic processes and skills to communicate personally held meaning and intent (Creative Expression); 6) Students will examine the visual and performing arts in relation to history and culture (Historical and Cultural Context); 7) Students will connect and apply what is learned in the arts to other art forms and subject areas (Connections and Applications); 8) Students will engage in visual and performing arts-integrated instructional planning; and 9) Students will demonstrate the ability to respectfully and intelligently participate in class discussions and activities.