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Humanities 185: Fieldwork Seminar

Time: Online


Humanities 185 is designed to introduce prospective K-8 teachers to California's classrooms. Coursework involves 50 hours experience in a public school classroom with a credentialed teacher supplemented by classroom meetings and assignments. This course is also designed to facilitate students' development of the skills of reflective practitioners. It aims to train students to ask questions and pursue answers about what they see in classrooms. The course invites students to examine their own beliefs and assumptions about teaching and learning, as well as those of the teachers they observe. It aims to foster students' ability to perceive the underlying dynamics of classrooms and to connect these dynamics to broader issues in American education. It also aims to cultivate critical thinking about the complexities of schooling, including power in the classroom and racial, ethnic and gender bias. Finally, students will become familiar with the California Standards for the Profession of Teaching.