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Introduction to Statistics

Time: TuTh 1:30-2:45pm
Location: DMH 164


In this course, students will gain a basic understanding of statistical concepts and techniques for conducting quantitative research in the social sciences. There are two components to this course. The first component to this course consists of descriptive statistics. Students will learn how to summarize data using descriptives such as measures of central tendency (mean, median and mode) and variation (standard deviation and variance). Further, students will learn how to present data through frequency tables and graphs. The second component to this course consists of inferential statistics. We will examine how to draw conclusions about populations based on sample data. Students will be introduced to hypothesis testing with chi-square, t-tests, ANOVA and regression. By the end of the course, students should be able to evaluate and analyze quantitative research data. Prerequisite: SOCI 1 (or equivalent).

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