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Pedagogy in Online Learning & Teaching Workshop Series

Time: This is a cohort-based workshop. Please contact W. Mei Fang to schedule one for your department.
Location: IRC210
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Workshop Goals

Introduces the why, what and how in online learning and teaching to faculty members who are new in this teaching medium and paradigm. Cohort will be able to leverage from their face-to-face teaching experience to teaching online. They will be able to adopt the appropriate Online Learning and Teaching (OLT) pedagogy and technology to maximize their students’ learning outcomes. Learning experience will include both online and face-to-face meetings, sharing, and hands-on exercises with technology.

Learning Outcomes (LOs)

  1. Recognize OLT opportunities and concerns from both the instructor’s and student’s points of view
  2. Recognize the concepts of OLT - components, attributes, and models
  3. Be familiar with the underpinnings of OLT pedagogies
  4. Follow an instructional design model to get started in your course design
  5. Understand the values of OASM learning alignment in OLT
  6. Develop your course's framework using a LMS technology
  7. Repurpose and create learning objects with technology as learning activities in your course
  8. Gain experience as an online learner on how technology integration helps you learn.

Workshop Components and Format

Please contact Mei Fang for arranging this cohort-based workshop series for your department.