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Making Your First Day of Class Really First Class Workshop

Time: Please visit the supplemental link for the current workshop schedule
Location: IRC210
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Do you believe in first thing first? Joe Grimes and Cynthia Desrochers of CSU believed that the first day of class is the most important day in a semester. If done appropriately, the agenda of your first class could establish a foundation for the expectations and implementation of your course’s outcomes. Grimes and Desrochers created an online case story Making Your 1st Day of Class Really First Class (ELIXR -MERLOT Project- ) that consisted of six disciplines to show how effective first day of class strategies can make a difference. In this seminar, we will review the case story and discuss how you might revisit and enhance the goals of your first day of class this semester.

Resources - First Day of Class - MERLOT Elixer Case Story