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Enhancing Student Writing in Turnitin - Originality Report, PeerMark, GradeMark Workshop

Time: Please visit the supplemental link for the current workshop schedule
Location: IRC210
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Turnitin Suite is a set of tools that consists of Originality Check, PeerMark and GradeMark. The suit will check the integrity of your students' papers after digital submissions, promotes peer learning through peer review of their submitted papers, and provides instructors the tools to grade and comment their papers in an online environment.  In addition, the suite also provides rubric design features and student work management features. In this workshop you will create your Turnitin account as an instructor and learn to use the tools to set up classes and writing assignments that generate plagiarism prevention reports. You will practice the paper submission process as a student. You will learn how to use the tools to provide constructive comments and improve students’ attitude and skills in preventing plagiarism. You can bring a soft copy sample of a writing assignment from a student to test in Turnitin.