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Creating Faculty Web Sites with Website Builder Workshop

Time: Please visit the supplemental link for the current workshop schedule
Location: IRC210
Supplemental URL:


Do you have a faculty web site that contains your contacts and timely course information for your students? Do you publish your lists of publications and presentations, professional profile or expertise areas to the campus community or public at large? If yes, come attend one of the above workshops. You will be able to create and publish your professional looking and accessible website by the end of the workshop using the Website Builder.

Example of a Faculty Webpage developed with Website Builder


1. A Website Builder account is necessary for the workshop ( Request an account ( at least two days before the desired workshop.

2. An active SJSUOne is required for accessing your Website Builder account. Activate your SJSUOne account or resetting account password by visiting the SJSUone Account Management website (

3. Participants who did not sign up in advance, with no Website Builder accounts, or no active SJSUOne accounts, are only provided a demo account to practice during the workshop.