SJSU Offers Persian Language Classes this Fall 


In the Fall, 2015 semester, SJSU will be offering two sections of Persian language/culture. These courses, made possible with a grant from Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute, will enable both matriculated and non-matriculated student (register through Open University), to receive 3 units for beginning and intermediate Persian. Naciem Nikkhah, our wonderful Persian language instructor will be teaching Persian 1A and Persian 25A (intermediate language and culture). You can find out more about these wonderful classes from the posters below. Please email Naciem Nikkhah in order to register! The cost to Open University students is $150 for three units. SJSU students can register and can qualify for a $500 scholarship (you must apply by July 1st). 

For more information, contact, or call 408 924-4476. SJSU students may exceed the 16-unit cap if they elect to take this foreign language. 

Scholarship students:
· Layla Forooghi, Major: Humanities and English & Comparative Literature
· Timothy Avila, Major: Global Studies
· Tiana Moezidis, Major: Sociology, Minor: Business
· Angine Marouty, Major: Engineering
· Fizza Wasi, Major, Behavioral Science
· Sarah Aghazadeh, Graduate Student in Interdisciplinary Studies: scholarship to conduct research in conjunction with Iranian American Survey