Learn Elementary Persian
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Course Description / Fall 2012 Persian  

The Persian Studies program at SJSU was established with a grant from the PARSA Community Foundation in Spring 2011. In the fall of 2012, San Jose State began teaching elementary Persian (Persian 96A & B), which is offered through the Department of World Languages and Literatures at SJSU. The class is geared toward both non-Iranian and heritage speakers. The instructor provides both in-class and online components to the course. This Persian language course can be used as part of the minor in Middle Eastern Studies or to fulfill any language requirements by other majors on the SJSU campus. We will provide a course description and sample syllabi at a later date.

Scholarship students:
· Layla Forooghi, Major: Humanities and English & Comparative Literature
· Timothy Avila, Major: Global Studies
· Tiana Moezidis, Major: Sociology, Minor: Business
· Angine Marouty, Major: Engineering
· Fizza Wasi, Major, Behavioral Science
· Sarah Aghazadeh, Graduate Student in Interdisciplinary Studies: scholarship to conduct research in conjunction with Iranian American Survey