SJSU Resources

Student Union, Event Center and Aquatic Center

  • Online applications through CSU MentorExternal Link that Will Take User Outside SJSU Domain: This is the 1st step in getting an admission at SJSU.
  • SJSU Admissions : This link provides PDF version of application form and the admission requirements
  • University Calendar: From this link, the information about the University events can be obtained.
  • University Schedule of Classes: Updated every semester, from this link you can obtain information on course listings as well as policies, deadlines, fees, GE requirements, and final exam schedules.
  • University Forms: Many actions that students need to take while at SJSU require forms. This website has up to date forms along with explanations for their use.
  • Course Articulation(transfer of credits)
  • SJSU Catalog: Provides important information regarding policies and procedures. It also contains brief information about each department, has descriptions of all classes, and details related to general education requirements.
  • SJSU Directory: This link has all the Faculty/Staff, Department contact information.
  • SJSU LibraryExternal Link that Will Take User Outside SJSU Domain: This link provides information about the SJSU Library.
  • Student Advising Center: Advising Hub: From this link, you can obtain all the information related to advising.
  • Learning Assistance Resource Center: LARC offers free tutoring and workshops for students.
  • Writing Center: Instructional resource for all students of all disciplines and writing abilities. They provide both workshops and one-to-one tutoring.
  • Career Center (internships & jobs): Excellent resource for career planning, jobs and internships.