Philosophy Center

A Group of Students at Caesar Chavez Park Water Fountains

Location: FOB 231
Hours: T-W 11-4

Students can drop in to the help center, socialize with other students, and chat with the nearby department advisor. Information about department events, philosophy club events, the colloquium series, visiting speakers at nearby universities, graduate schools, and much more, is posted in the hall outside the help center. The Center offers individualized (and at times small group) tutoring in support of all undergraduate philosophy courses. The Center is staffed by philosophy graduate students and advanced undergraduate philosophy majors who serve as tutors for students in philosophy courses.

Tutorial services include: guidance with homework assignments; advice regarding critical writing (criticism and construction of arguments, justifications and explanations); coaching on formal and informal logic and critical thinking; preparation for quizzes and examinations; computer-assisted instruction; and, general advice on writing philosophy papers and reading philosophical texts. Experience as a Center tutor has come to be viewed by faculty and students as a valuable aspect of students' educational experience and as part of the social life of the Department. For graduate students planning to go on to Ph.D. programs and/or teaching careers, Center experience has proven to be a practical asset in achieving these goals. During off hours, the Center also serves as a social gathering place for discussion and mutual assistance among philosophy students.