Summer Core Training 2018

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Core Training is an intensive program that gives teachers an overview of the PLTW courses to be taught to elementary, middle and high school students. The Core Training courses are taught by PLTW Core Training Instructors. Teachers from across the nation are invited to take advantage of the PLTW Core Training at San Jose State University.


San Jose State University Schedule


PLTW| Launch (Grade K-5)

  • LCT-Launch CLassroom Teacher (June 24-26)
  • LLC-Launch CLassroom Teacher (Aug 01-Aug 02)

PLTW| Gateway (Middle School)

  • AR-Automation & Robotics (July 8 -13)
  • csAC-Computer Science App Creators (June 24- 29)
  • csIM-Computer Science Innovators and Makers (July 29-Aug 03)
  • DM-Design & Modeling (July 15-20)
  • EE- Energy & The Environment (July 8-11)
  • GA- Green Architecture (June 24-27)
  • ME- Magic of Electronics (June 24-27)

PLTW| Engineering (High School)

  • POE- Principles of Engineering (July 8-20)
  • IED- Introduction to Engineering Design (July 8-20) 



Please download the Training Handbook to review important information about training details. 



AFTER registering on please fill out this form San Jose State Additional Information Form.

Note: San Jose State will NOT accept ANY registrations from schools with an outstanding balance at any of the CA affiliates for the 2017 Core Training.


Registration Fees

Fees include T-shirt, lunch and supplies, DOES NOT INCLUDE HOUSING

$2,550 Two Week Courses (IED, POE)

$1,550 One week course (CSAC, CSIM, DM, AR)

$750 Three Day Courses (LTT, GA, ME, EE)

$500 Two Day Courses (LCT)


San Jose State Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be done on the portal and please submit a notice to Teresa Pimentel by email ( Please refer to the training handbook for cancellation timelines


Housing Fee

$1,250 Two Week Courses (IED, POE) *Includes weekend

$575 One week course (CSAP, CSIM, DM, AR)

$390 Three Day Courses (LLT, GA, ME, EE)

$260 Two Day Courses (LCT)

**Housing fee includes parking, dinner**




Send any questions or concerns to