Core of Excellence

Core of Excellence Award 1

Core of Excellence Award 2

The Core of Excellence was established in June 1995 to serve as an advisory team to the Chief of Police with an objective of taking UPD (then Public Safety) to new levels of excellence. The Core of Excellence serves as the nucleus (or core) for excellence in UPD. This dedicated group of men and women work diligently to encourage the spirit of excellence and service among the staff of UPD.

Membership is voluntary, with members representing all workgroups and ranks of UPD. In addition to acting as a conduit to UPD administration for new ideas, suggestions and concerns, the Core of Excellence has focused on improving the organizational climate through surveys which serve as an important indicator in measuring progress. 5 years of UPD retreats organized by the Core of Excellence have brought UPD to a more cohesive functional team. Today, the focus of Core has become dealing with the seemingly unrelenting pressure of doing more with less.

Membership is approximately 12 people, but the roster changes as job duties and interest dictate and permit. There is no set time for Core participation. New members are welcome and encouraged. The only qualification to be a Core member is interest and a willingness to participate.

In addition to improvement and excellence, the Core is the impetus for recognition of UPD personnel. Every day, in every job, employees do great things, making a difference, going beyond the expected. The Core of Excellence believes these actions should be recognized and made known to other UPD personnel. Each semester 1 employee is selected as Employee of the Semester and 1 is selected as Student Employee of the Semester.

The UPD Core of Excellence was the recipient of the California Excellence Award presented by the California Council for Quality & Service on March 2, 1999 for its team oriented and innovative approach to problem solving.