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Anonymous Reporting

Anyone who may have witnessed any of the following incidents or may have any information regarding these cases is asked to contact the University Police Department at 408-924-2222. Those wishing to remain anonymous can use our TipNow system by calling/texting 408-337-2919 or emailing

UPD reminds members of the campus community to avoid walking alone at night and to report all suspicious activity to the police. Community members can request an Evening Guide Escort by calling UPD at 408-924-2222 or by using a campus Bluelight phone.

For more safety tips, see Emergency Preparedness & Crime Prevention.

On Campus: Sexual Battery

Date: 12/07/2016, Case#: , Author ID:  

On December 7, 2016, at approximately 1:10 PM, a male suspect sexually battered a female victim on the second floor landing of the northeast stairwell of Duncan Hall. The suspect was last seen running up the stairs after the assault.  He is described as a male in his 20's with black "spikey" hair, wearing a dark gray hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and a navy blue backpack.

On Campus: Sexual Battery

Date: 12/05/2016, Case#: 16-2464, Author ID: L7171 

On December 5, 2016, at approximately 4:25 PM, a male suspect followed a female victim into the Student Union from the 9th Street Plaza and sexually battered the victim. The victim confronted the suspect and he walked away. The suspect is described as an Asian male in his 20's, wearing a neon green hooded sweatshirt, black/blue jacket and black backpack. He was last seen riding a white skateboard with red stripes northbound on 7th Street Plaza towards San Fernando Street.

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Sexual Battery

On Campus: Sexual Battery

Date: 11/30/2016, Case#:, Author ID: 

On November 30, 2016, at approximately 2:30 PM, a male suspect walking down the northeast stairs of Sweeney Hall between the third and second floors, sexually battered a female victim, and ran upstairs.  The suspect is described as a male in his 20's with a mustache, wearing dark clothing and a black backpack.

On Campus: Burglaries and Thefts

Date: 11/30/2016, Case#:, Author ID: 

The University Police Department is currently investigating a series of laptop thefts that have occurred in Duncan Hall.  There have been a total of six personal laptops stolen from different locations in Duncan Hall in the past seven days. 

Anyone with information about these crimes, please call the University Police Department at (408)924-2222, or use the TipNow for voicemail or text (408)337-2919, for email

On Campus: Assault at Engineering Building

Date: 11/11/2016, Case#:, Author ID: 

On November 11, 2016, at approximately 11:58 A.M., an SJSU Affiliate was verbally confronted on the 3rd floor of the Engineering Building by a male who told the victim to go back to his own country.  The victim called UPD and followed the suspect, who turned around and tried to kick the victim.  The suspect was last seen leaving the third floor down a stairwell.  The victim was not hit or injured.

The suspect was described as an older transient male, approximately 50 years old, with gray and black hair, with broken teeth, and walking with a hunched posture.  The suspect was last seen wearing a dark green and black shirt with horizontal stripes, dark blue pants, a backpack, and had a cane or walking stick device.  UPD officers immediately searched the building and surrounding area.  The suspect remains at large and the UPD is investigating this incident as a hate crime.