Fire Policy

Open Flame

  • No open flames are permitted in the residence halls or within housing property outside of designated areas without official University Housing Services (UHS) approval. This includes, but is not limited to candles, incense, smoking and the burning of any materials or other flame-emitted articles.
  • Prior written approval must be obtained from the Residential Life Coordinator if this policy is incongruent with religious, cultural or spiritual beliefs.

Portable Heaters

  • The use of portable heaters in the residence halls is not permitted, with the exception of areas that do not have permanent heating units.


  • Halogen lamps/lighting are not permitted.
  • The placement of any material in or around the provided lighting is prohibited.
  • The removal of lights, alteration of the fixtures and the replacement of institutional light bulbs with colored light bulbs are also against UHS policy.


  • All unit doors are to be kept closed at all times due to the integrity of the rated corridors.
  • At no time are the doors to be propped open or left ajar.

Air Conditioners/Fans

  • Privately owned air conditioners are not permitted. Window fans are discouraged and should never be used unless a resident is present.

Extension Cords/Surge Protectors

  • Surge suppressor-equipped, UL approved power cords are highly recommended for computer systems and other valuable electrical equipment. Such cords have their own circuit breaker. Do not rely on the integrity of the electrical system of the building to protect your computer equipment.
  • Surge protectors also allow more flexibility for extensions. Extension cords or stringing surge protectors together in a series are prohibited.
  • Multiple outlet plugs that insert into an outlet are not permitted.

Appliances/Electrical Equipment

UHS facilities have limits on their electrical systems. Overloading the circuits can result in tripped circuit breakers and present a fire hazard. The following guidelines apply to the use of electrical apparatus:

  • Items with exposed heating elements are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, space heaters, sun lamps, immersion heaters and hot plates.
  • Microwaves are allowed, but the wattage must not exceed 900 watts.
  • Cooking is limited to the general kitchen or kitchenette area and is not permitted in the bedroom.
  • Refrigerators for private bedrooms are permitted, provided they do not exceed 4.4 total cubic feet.
  • In the Apartments, cooking appliances such as crock-pots, toasters, toaster ovens, rice steamers, electric grills and electric frying pans are permitted. These appliances must not overload the system. These appliances must be directly attached to grounded outlets.
  • International appliances should use electrical converters.
  • Irons must be used with ironing boards only and should never be left unattended.
  • Appliances such as stereos, radios, desk lamps, computers, TV's, VCR's, DVD players, sealed component coffee makers, hair dryers and other electrical hair implements, answering machines and electric blankets are permitted.
  • Stereo equipment and speakers are expected to be of a size and power that are appropriate for high-density community living.
  • Any damage caused by personal electrical equipment or misuse of the electrical system is the financial responsibility of the resident, including damage of any kind (fire, water, etc.) to the facility and/or other residents' personal belongings.

Violations of these guidelines may result in immediate license revocation. For additional information, see Fire Safety.