Smoking Policy

Students sitting on a bench

Window looking out to a group of students

In accordance with Executive Order W-42-93 issued by the Governor of California in February 1993 and S03-6 signed by the SJSU President on May 15, 2003, all smoking in state-owned buildings and leased spaces, including all residence facilities, student apartments, student rooms, patios and stairwells is prohibited.

Residents who smoke must do so outside of the housing facilities — at least 25 feet away from doorways, stairs and ground level air intake structures.

Smoking is not permitted on balconies, including the walkway between Joe West Hall and the Dining Commons.

Residents who smoke within University Housing Services facilities are in violation of the License Agreement and are subject to judicial action and/or revocation of their license. They may also be in violation of Education Code 89031, which is a misdemeanor.