Lock Down vs. Shelter in Place

Emergency Services

  • 9-1-1 campus phones
  • Bluelight or Elevator phones
  • 408-924-2222 cell phones

Non-Emergency Services

Anonymous Reporting

Lock Down

Situations where there is immediate threat to your location such as:

    • Dangerous incident in the immediate neighborhood
    • Dangerous incident close to your location
    • Any situation where you feel lock, barricade, and hide is the safest alternative

HIDE = Lock Down

    • If escape is not feasible; hide and create a stronghold
    • Lock the door, turn off the lights and close the blinds
    • Take cover behind large items
    • Silence your cell phones and turn off vibrate mode
    • Remain quiet
    • Move away from doors and windows


Shelter in Place

Situations where there is no immediate threat to your location such as:

    • Dangerous incident in the surrounding neighborhood
    • Dangerous incident at a nearby school
    • Any situation where you feel keeping your staff inside is the safest alternative

Shelter in Place Considerations

    • Close all doors and windows (no barricades)
    • Remain inside; engage in normal indoor activities
    • Keep movement outdoors to a minimum
    • Use buddy system when leaving your location
    • Communicate with your co-workers if you plan to leave