Alumni Scholarship

Past Recipients

Deysi Rocha, 2019
Patricia Corona, 2018
Eric Barraza Hernandez, 2017
Anthony Nguyen, 2016
Rashmeen Kaur, 2015
Enrique Navarro-Donnellan, 2014    
Anthony Pham, 2013
Amanda Marshall, 2012
Kaitlin Landreth, 2011
Marie-Andrea Troung, 2011
Danielle Lemi, 2010       
Fernando Marquez, 2009
Juan Torres, 2008
Lauren Swanson, 2007
Benjamin Henderson, 2007
Hong Cao, 2006
Mareike Schoene, 2005
Veronica Zacherie, 2004
Mark Vanni, 2003
Melanie Andrade, 2002
Caroline Stenman, 1999
Michael Beckman, 1998
Donna M. Fisher, 1997

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$3,000-$4,500 awarded annually

The Alumni Scholarship is funded by generous donations from our graduates and is available to all Political Science majors. Applicants for the Alumni Scholarship must be full-time Political Science majors taking a minimum of 12 units.

You may apply online for this application here.