POLS 105


The Legislative Process



For several decades now, the American public has viewed the U.S. Congress with some suspicion. But Congress is merely a reflection of America at large, and as American politics have changed, Congress has changed right along with it. This course will attempt to demystify Congress and help Students gain an appreciation and understanding of the difficult tasks it faces.Topics include the nature of representation; the politics of congressional redis- tricting and elections; the roles of political parties and interest groups in Congress; and relationships between Congress and other branches of govern- ment. One highlight of this course is the fact that we will spend several weeks exploring how a bill becomes a law. By the end of the semester, you will be a congressional expert. You will be able to watch C-SPAN for hours and know exactly what’s going on. This class is a must for anybody who is interested in working as a legislator, legislative aide, lobbyist, or any other job that requires an understanding of the lawmaking process.


Upper division standing or instructor consent




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