POLS 106


The United States Presidency



Without a doubt, the American presidency is the most powerful political office in the world. Whether it is the vast arsenal of military might at his disposal, his ability to impact both the national economy as well as the economies of other nations, his power to shape the domestic agenda for decades through judicial appointments, the president is unparalleled in stature and influence. No one knows with any certainty the extent to which the preeminence of this office will continue into the future; few would dispute, however, the growth of the presidential power over the past 70 years.

This course examines the American presidency from several perspectives, among them:

  • The emergence of the presidency as an institution, from the past to the present.
  • The contradictions and competing themes within the presidency.
  • The tension between the presidency and other institutions, most notably Congress.


Upper division standing or instructor consent




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