POLS 130


Making Public Policy



Public Policy focuses on the major goals, commit- ments, and activities that emerge from political ac- tors, goverment institutions, and society. While the issues may change with the ebb and flow of compet- ing values, the processes for making, implementing, and evaluating public policy determinations may not. Moreover, these processes occur at all levels of government, whether they be national, state, or local.


Political Science 130 begins with a description of the public policy framework and its myriad components. As the course unfolds, we will examine contemporary public policy questions in the United States, par- ticulary at the national level. Mere awareness of an issue does not guarantee policy response; moreover, enactment of a policy does not assure that it will be made to work. Resolution of any issue, however, will depend upon the values, means, and clashes between the actors who attempt to make change.


Upper division standing or instructor consent




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