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Political Psychology

(cross-listed as PSYC 177)




How do people think about political issues? What motivates political leaders? How much does personality matter in politics? How do emotions affect our political attitudes? Is racism inevitable? Why does genocide happen? Why do groups turn to terrorism? How can we strive for conflict resolution and reconciliation? If you are interested in exploring these questions - and their answers - then political psychology is for you!

Political psychology is an interdisciplinary field that applies theories and insights from psychology, sociology, communication studies, and other disciplines, to the study of politics. This course will provide an introduction of political psychology, with a focus on several topics including personality and leadership, cognition, social identity, emotions and attitudes, the political psychology of groups, voting, racism and enthocentrism, ethnic conflict and genocide, nationalism, terrorism, international conflict, and conflict resolution.


POLS 001 or other courses satisfying GE areas US2-US3, PSYCH 1, or instructor consent.




Normal Grading Rules