POLS 190


Senior Seminar



This course is the integrating capstone course that will be the culmination of your experience with the study of political science. The focus is on policy making, specifically the development of water policy in California over the past 163 years since statehood. The course will begin by examining the way public policy is made in America, the stakeholders in the process, the political implications of policy making, using a seminar discussion format. The second section will focus on specific cases in water policy, to be presented by the students. Topics will include making water policy at the state and local levels, agencies responsible for making and implementing water policy, the role of dams, power and ground water in California’s economic development, and the current proposals for the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta and its implications for California’s economic future.


POLS 100W or instructor consent.




Credit / No Credit


Repeatable for credit